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We at Alfa Lima offer modular systems designed specifically for the detection and identification of drones within a 5km range, providing the positioning of both drone and pilot (optional configuration), together with the drone’s speed and heading. Configurable and escalating stage alarms in real time allow the threat level to be assessed in good time to decide on appropriate defense actions.

Once a real drone threat has been established, you can use the defeat device at a range based on a 1 to 1 ratio (Pilot to Point of Interest) at 360×180 degrees. An exclusion zone will be created around the protected site that will make the drone return home or descend to the ground.

Discover here the services that support our technology.

Detect and classify malicious drones in your surrounding airspace

Receive real-time drone identification information for evidential purposes

Actively track the location of drone and their pilots in real-time

Successfully defeat the drone threat with countermeasures