To protect all kinds of assets and persons with a 360º shield against drone intrusion. Futureproof, modular, weatherproof, easy to use, permanently updated with the latest anti-drone technology, to give you peace of mind 24/7/365.

How we achieve your goal?

We at Alfa Lima Systems don’t just sell hardware. We sell systems that work and meet our customer’s needs at the lowest possible cost and the maximum possible ease of use.

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Two options:

1- Long-range permanent protection shield

With the protection of our long-range systems, you will know when a drone enters your protected area and can make the drone return to the point from which it took off.

Learn here how…? our anti-drone systems do it.

2- Directional Radio Frequency Transmitter

Device used, by pointing the drone with it, to force either the descent of the drone to the ground point or alternatively, to return to its point of departure.

Learn here how our directional radio frequency transmitters (D.R.T.) work