The drone

Drones are great. Multitude new exciting services are being offered thanks to the proliferation
of increasingly sophisticated and affordable drones. But this booming technology also poses new threats:
drones are the ultimate weapons for terrorist groups, vandals or spies.

The increasingly easy access to mini/micro UAVs makes them a growing potential threat
to critical infrastructures, oil refineries, megayachts, VIP residences, airports.
Recent years have seen a massive advance in drone endurance, range and payload capacity
whilst the price has also plummeted, leading to a proliferation of drones expected to reach 22 million by 2020.

These are some types of threats:

• Photographs or video can be taken -and transmitted-in sensitive áreas.
• Drones can be bugged with sensitive microphones and audio recording equipment, to spy your conversations.
• They can also record passwords being typed at your premises.
• Drones can launch explosives, shoot bullets, deliver radioactive particles or dangerous chemical substances.
• Drones can smuggle contraband in prisons, ports, across borders or elsewhere.